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Year two students from the University for the Creative Arts Canterbury – BA Interior Architecture & Design

Students were asked to design a ‘Council’ and worked closely with the Trust to learn about the historic Sunshine Café and its context to Margate. Their projects aimed to reconnect the physical elements of the Dreamland site with its social dimension and develop a project that builds on the social, cultural and heritage makeup of the Dreamland site and its context to create new experiences that can prompt interaction and shape communal memory.


Winner of the Best Community Project: Radhika Chagane


About Project:Many of Margate’s memories are with its older generation. This project proposes space that acknowledges and helps the inevitable loneliness that the older communities face along with a major issue that relates to lost memories. The Space offers a platform where families related to older communities come to share memories and participate in activities to recall moments using personal photos, items and films. The proposal offers therapy sessions that everyone can participate in such as yoga, art, reading, music, behavioural therapy and cognitive stimulation therapy, which are extracted from Margate and their local shops, promoting businesses, and helping Margate progress.



Winner of the Best Innovation Project: Ineui Park


About Project:This project identifies the potential of deposited seaweed and explores how to create a well-preserved environment. The proposal is for an educational space where visitors and locals learn about the environment and the potential seaweed has of becoming a variety of types of sustainable materials.



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