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The Dreamland Heritage Trust is always grateful for opportunities to enhance its archive collection through public donations and welcome gifts of historic objects and items that enhance the Dreamland Heritage Trust archive.

Previous donations to the Trust archive include the John Hutchison collection. Mr Hutchinson was a local Margate historian and spent many years of his life researching the history of Dreamland. On his passing in 2010, his wonderful collection was bequeathed to the trust and plays an important role in retelling the history of the park.
When accepting the gift of an object we must ensure that the acquisition is in line with our policy and that we have the resources available to display and care for the gifts. As a result, it is not always possible for us to accept donations of some objects. However, in the event that we cannot accommodate your gift, we may be able to suggest an alternative recipient.

The archives are a valuable resource for future generations to enjoy and discover the rich and exciting heritage of Dreamland. Images, memorabilia and voice recordings will be held by The Dreamland Heritage Trust and used for research, learning, interpretation and promotional purposes. This may include any of the following:
Exhibitions – Website - Social media -Learning Material - Publications - Promotional films - Newsletters


We would be grateful if you would confirm, by signing this release form below, that you are happy for The Dreamland Heritage Trust to use material donated to the Trust for these purposes indicated below.

If you have an object you wish to donate, please fill out the form below or contact Trust archivist Tamara Rattigan via email at can complete your donation here:



Thank you for helping us to build the Dreamland Heritage Trust Archives


The Dreamland Heritage Trust holds a large archive of historic material, including images, ephemera and documentation from the early 1870s through to the present day.

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