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The 70's saw the arrival of many iconic new rides including the popular Water Chute which made its first appearance in 1977 and would soon played host to safety-pinned punk rockers.

1980, Water Chute Tracks (AB-TDAnthony Bryan CollectionC).jpg


Dreamland began the 1970s under new ownership, in the shape of the rather uninspiring-sounding Associated Leisure Entertainments Ltd. The new owners did, however, promise to bring renewal and excitement to their new asset, with new rides, new attractions and a revamp of the cinema.
Iconic giant slide the Astroglide arrived at the park in 1973, and there was also the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride and the Cyclone for visitors to enjoy by the middle of the decade, when a small zoo was also reintroduced.

The popular Water Chute made its first appearance in 1977 and would soon play host to safety-pinned punk rockers, as the cult made its way from London to the seaside. At least their drainpipe trousers needed less wringing out than the flares of the disco fans.

Away from the amusement park there were a lot of changes in the cinema building, with the main auditorium being divided to make two smaller cinemas and a theatre. This new venue played host to risqué comedies, from the stable of legendary soft porn magnate Paul Raymond, though music was still more of a draw for the locals, especially in the ballroom, which was refurbished and rebranded as Topspot.

Bill Haley and the Comets opened the venue as part of a revival tour, playing to Teddy Boys and Teddy Girls old and new. Slade, Alvin Stardust and The Drifters also graced the stage at the Topspot, with local girl Tracey Emin being a regular on its dance floor


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