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Dreamland has been the home of vintage fairground rides for over a century. 

Its main attraction, The Scenic Railway first opened in 1920 and is the oldest wooden rollercoaster in the UK. Unlike other wooden rollercoasters found around the world, the Scenic Railway is powered by two cable lift hills and is controlled by a brakeman sat in the middle of the train.


Our Rides Collection Archive showcases a number of the rides from Dreamland across the years.




The Dreamland Heritage Trust is always grateful for opportunities to enhance its archive collection through public donations and welcome gifts of historic objects and items that enhance the Dreamland Heritage Trust archive. The archives are a valuable resource for future generations to enjoy and discover the rich and exciting heritage of Dreamland.

If you wish to donate, please fill out the form below or contact Trust archivist

Tamara Rattigan via email at


You can complete your donation here:

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