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100 years of fun

July 2020 marked the one hundredth year of Dreamland at the the heart of Margate

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1 January 2020 marked the start of Dreamland’s one hundredth year, since the park was renamed Dreamland and the year that the scenic railway officially opened.

Dreamland’s was set to celebrate the parks centenary with a host of events and celebrations, including a big street party, planned to celebrate this incredible milestone in the parks history, with The Dreamland Trust and Sands Heritage Ltd in partnership granted £99,600 of lottery funding for a new series of projects to interpret the history and heritage of Dreamland.

This project would form part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Dreamland in 2020 and coincided with the 10th year of the Dreamland Trust, established in 2009 in the bid to save the amusement park and its reopening to the public.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the park was forced to temporarily close its doors for the duration of the season and the 100th anniversary celebration programme has had to been postponed.

Despite the pandemic, on the 3rd July 2020, Dreamland Heritage Trust, marked the parks and the Scenic Railways centenary year, with a series of online events including a record breaking virtual roller-coaster ride on the Scenic Railway, live streamed across the world at midday, which saw over 300 passenger’s virtually marking the100th year.

In keeping with the government restrictions, Dreamland also marked the occasion with 20 giant teddy bears acting as passengers having a special ride around the famous wooden track.


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