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Dreamland Trust Cardboard Arcade 10.jpg


Exhibition DREAMLAND 2018

On Sunday 18th February over 60 children took part in the ‘Cardboard Arcade’ at Dreamland. The free workshop, organised by the Dreamland Trust, was open to creative youngsters aged 8 and under who were able to re-create arcade games out of recycled cardboard.

The children drew inspiration from the historic arcade games at Dreamland which have been an important feature of amusement parks all over the country through the decades. The Trust worked with Margate based Tootles & Nibbs who ran the workshop.

Bernie Morgan, Chair of the Dreamland Trust said ‘We hope that many children will enjoy learning about historic arcade games and creating their own game out of cardboard.’
The workshop is part of a programme of community activities planned by the Trust to encourage awareness and learning opportunities related to the heritage of Dreamland.


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